Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Protest by Iran's Stage Players Artists !

Report by ISNA- Iranian Student News Agency-

Iranian stage players artists gathered in front of the Center for Stage Show and then in Roudaki Center for Arts and asked the officials to pay their already delayed salaries  and their demands and rights be met or else their will be a bigger gathering . These demands were signed on a petition at the gathering.

Their basic demands are , officials in charge must pay the delay in their salaries and to follow the justice in providing the stage , the financial supports or other benefits to stage show groups. The organizers of this gathering called their action a syndicate demands and not political.

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Political Prisoners Arjang Dawoodi after serving more than 10 years in prison is sentenced to death !

Alert ,Islamic regime in Iran is going to hang another political prisoner in Iran !
Human rights organizations around the world must stop this execution.

Iranian political prisoner Arjang Dawoodi is 62 years old and is a teacher , he has been in prison since October 2003 . At the time he was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment and he was serving his sentence in internal exile in Bandar Abbas prison - On last Sunday under new charges and in a new circus court , judge Asef Hoseini of branch number one of the court of revolution in Karaj city- sentenced him to death . Mr. Vahid meshkani Farahani defense lawyer of Arjang Dawoodi gave this news to his client.
A little while ago Mr. Gholamreza Khosravi a political prisoner with same charges as Mr. Dawoodi was sentenced to death  and the execution was carried which brought outrage among human rights advocate and organizations around the world.
Regime believes Like Khosravi , Mr. Dawoodi is also a member of the Iranian people's Mojahedin, while this is what the regime believes but Mr. Dawoodi rejected this allegations and said, his political opinions is in contradiction with Mojahedin .
This is

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Peace & Not War ! Is this hard to understand ? A bunch of Lunatic still ruling over countries.......They must be brought to International Court of Justice for Crime Against Humanity !

A comment under this picture from Facebook -
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Ata Sadeghi wrote:
From a friend in Gaza...
"I'll tell you what is harder than dying in Gaza by an Israeli missile deluxe. What is harder is that you get a phone call from the Israeli army telling you to evacuate your home because it will be bombed in ten minutes. Imagin
e; ten minutes; and your whole short history on the surface of Earth will be erased.
Gifts you received, photos of your siblings and your children (dead or alive), things that you love, your favorite chair, your books, that last poetry collection your read, a letter from your expatriate sister, reminders of the ones you loved, the smell of your bed, the jasmine tree that hangs off your western window, your daughter’s hair clip, your old clothes, your prayer rug, your wife’s gold, your savings; imagine; all this passes in front of your eyes in ten minutes, all that pain passes while you are struck by surprise.
Then you take your identification papers (passport, birth certificate, etc.) which you have ready in an old metallic candy box, and you leave your home to die a thousand times, or refuse to leave and die once."
@Annemarie Jacir

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Mohammad Javad Zarif -Islamic regime Foreign Minister and his answer to the freedom of Internet and Tweeter for Iranian people - What a Charlatan /Jerk ?

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Iranian Women Aren't Allowed to Enter in Stadium and Watch the National Soccer , Volleyball Team !!!????

That is true, Islamic regime in Iran don't allow Iranian women to watch national games inside the stadiums and because of these inhuman and discriminatory policy towards women , 138 Iranian women rights advocate in a letter to Mr. Ari Garca the head of International Volleyball federation demanded to use its influence on Islamic regime to allow Iranian women to enter into the stadium and watch the games .

Since the International volleyball game is taking place in Italy and July 18 Iran will face with Brazil , the volleyball federation is going to review the situation  and makes its decision public . It is believe that Iran may be withdrawn from the game if Islamic regime won't change its policy towards women watching the game.
Women from other countries in support of Iranian women watching the game

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Reza Shahabi Member of Iran Bus Union Workers ( Sherkat Vahed) on his 45 Days of Hunger Strike !

Reza Shahabi one of the leader of the Bus Union Workers of Iran started his hunger strike 45 days ago when judiciary officials transferred him from ward 350 of Evin Prison to Rejaei Shahr prison. He was 87 kilo's and now he weighs 69 Kilo's , he lost 18 kilo's. Reza Suffers from back pain  . While in hospital ,he was chained with the hospital bed . His blood pressure is low and because of hunger strike his intestines may bleed and need operation.

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

For immediate release

Photographs by Ziba Zahra Kazemi exhibited in Toronto for the first time (Opens July 11)
TORONTO, July 10, 2014  For the first time, Ziba Zahra Kazemi’s photography will be on exhibit in Toronto at Banu, located at 777 Queen Street West. The opening date, July 11, marks the 11th anniversary of the Iranian-Canadian photojournalist’s murder. In 2003,Ziba Kazemi, known as Zahra, was arrested while taking pictures of grieving mothers outside of Iran’s notorious Evin Prison. She was arrested and tortured by Iranian officials before succumbing to her injuries.

The exhibition, curated by her son Stephan Hashemi, will feature 11 photographs taken across the globe during her travels. Hashemi has been waiting for the Supreme Court of Canada to deliberate on whether he has the right to sue the Iranian government for the murder of his mother since presenting his case in of the courts December 4, 2013. “The idea of exhibiting my mothers work in a public place related to the Supreme Court case made a lot of sense.” said Stephan Hashemi. "We chose Banu because its proprietor, Samira Mohyeddin, has been the single greatest supporter of my mother’s story and what she represents."

Along with her family, Moyheddin has been advocating for justice in Zahra’s case. By chance, Hashemi heard Moyheddin, an outspoken activist and writer, speak about his mother at a human rights conference in 2005 at Concordia University in Montreal and approached her years later about showing his mother’s work. "11 years has gone by since the brutal rape, torture and murder of Zahra Kazemi, a Canadian citizen.” said Mohyeddin, "I will do everything in my power to help her only son see that justice is served. The Supreme Court of Canada must allow Stephan Hashemi the chance to hold the Iranian government accountable for its heinous crimes."  

Kazemi's works will be on display in Toronto until the Supreme Court of Canada makes its decision.

About Banu Iranian Kabob and Vodka Bar
Banu is located at 777 Queen Street West in Toronto. Since opening in 2006, it has been dedicated to promoting and protecting human rights and fighting injustices in Canada and beyond. For more information go to and follow @banuqueenwest on twitter.

MEDIA CONTACT           
Heidi Ruggier
T: 416-453-9556

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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Why Should Ighan Shahidi the Bahai Student to Spend 5 years in prison for his fight for Students rights to Education ???!!

Ighan Shahidi is the Bahai student from the city of Kermanshah , because of being Bahai he was banned  from continuing education by Islamic regime in Iran and he joined the rank of many Bahai and non Bahai students who chose to fight for students rights to education in Iran .

In 2009 he was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment and currently he is in Rejaei Shahr prison . He has already spent 27 months out of 5 years  in prison. On July 7 ,2014 a group of friend and students joined at his family home and celebrate his birthday together with his family members where his mom red poetry .

IRAN WATCH CANADA is the voice of voiceless Iranian, particularly the Iranian political prisoners since year 2000( Print / digital ) and it has monitored or documented the situations of thousands of political prisoners in Iran. 

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Monday, July 07, 2014

Ms. marzieh Rasouli an Iranian Journalist sentenced to Two Years imprisonment and 50 Lashes !

Ms. Rasouli on her tweeter account wrote : The sentencing is approved and Tomorrow i have to go to the prison for the execution of the sentencing.

Therefore this journalist have to show herself tomorrow Tuesday July 8 ,2014 in Evin prison.
Ms. Rasouli also wrote : Two years imprisonment and 50 lashes for alleged charges of "propagating against the regime and disturbing the public through participation in the gathering ."
Ms. Rasouli was arrested together with a group of journalist in the winter of 2011 and spent more than 40 days in ward Alef of the Evin prison and was released by a 300 Million Tuman Bail. At the time one of her charges was working for BBC Farsi.

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