Saturday, March 28, 2015

HRANA ( Iran Human Rights Activist Group) : Mostafa Azizi An Iranian resident of Canada is in Evin Prison !?

Mostafa Azizi a writer and a TV series producer is arrested and detained and currently is in Evin prison .
According to news from HRANA ( the human rights activist group), he is arrested one month after his arrival and he is currently in Evin prison . He had spent some time in a section in Evin prison called :" Bande Do -Alef" ( Section 2A ) which is under " Sepah " ( Revolutionary Guards ) control and the judges handling his case is the infamous Judge Salavati .
He is been charged with : Insulting the leader of the Islamic Republic, Association & conspiracy and Activities against the state .

Mr. Azizi is a resident of Canada and was visiting his family members when arrested by security forces of the Islamic Republic.
Mr. Aziz is a published writer and has 30 years of writing and working experience in TV series and animation production .


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Thursday, March 26, 2015

After Five Years The Green Movement Leaders Are Still Under House Arrest !

The Green movement leaders Mir Hosein Musavi , his wife Zahra Rahnavard and Mehdi Karoubi are still under house arrest since the presidential election cheating and coup in 2009 .
Mr. Musavi and Karoubi both were presidential candidate when the election cheating took place under Ahmadinejad's Government. After the coup ,millions of Iranian people went in to the streets and protested against the cheating and both Musavi and his wife and Karoubi joined the protesters and made speeches against the coup. Today after five spring's they are still have no freedom and are under house arrest.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Burial Day For The Young Iranian Man Who have Set Himself to Fire becom A Day Of Protest Against Islamic Regime in Iran !

Younes Asakereh was just 31 years old and a vendor/ sales man ,whose vending fruit selling machine was destroyed by the municipal officers . Younes was a resident of Khoramshahr a city in the Persian Gulf area and he was married with two children .
According to report on March 14 ,2015 one day after his vending machine was destroyed by municipal agents , he set himself to fire in front of the Khoramshahr city hall.
As a result of the degree of burning, he died on Sunday march 22.
During his burial procession on Monday March 23 , thousands of the young people from Khoramshahr city chanted " Harba- Harba " meaning Freedom , Freedom . The burial event became a protest against Islamic regime in Iran.


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For Immediate Release

UN Rights Council: Voting Records Exposed
Analysis of Members That Protected Rights  or Didn’t 

(Geneva, March 24, 2015) – The records of United Nations Human Rights Council members in addressing egregious rights violations in individual countries are scrutinized in the updated “VotesCount” website, Human Rights Watch announced today. The website shines a spotlight on the votes taken by members of the council on situations in individual countries during 2014.

“Countries often hide behind their regional groups or the political dynamics at the Human Rights Council, but each has a role in the council's successes and failures,” said John Fisher, Geneva director at Human Rights Watch. “Each council member should be held accountable for its votes and for its leadership, which our VotesCount website makes easily accessible.”

The Human Rights Council is the main UN body with a mandate to address situations of gross and systematic violations of human rights and to respond to human rights emergencies. Since its creation in 2006, it has successfully established investigation and monitoring mechanisms for grave violations in North Korea, Sri Lanka, Syria, and Iran. But it has failed to take on abuses in other countries and situations, such as in Egypt, Uzbekistan, Guantanamo Bay, and China.

On March 26 and 27, 2015, the Human Rights Council is expected to adopt resolutions on the human rights situations in North Korea, Iran, Burma, and Libya.

While many council members from all regions are willing to confront governments responsible for human rights violations, a few refuse outright to support any council engagement with specific countries, despite the council's explicit mandate to do so. A large number of countries have been inconsistent in their votes, supporting action in some situations, but opposing steps to deal with even more dire circumstances in other countries.

VotesCount is a unique online resource that reveals how each member has voted on resolutions concerning individual countries during 2014, as well as whether countries have demonstrated leadership or participated in key debates. The website compiles a picture of the performance by the member countries that is difficult to glean from other sources, and provides a perspective about how individual countries have performed.

Countries with a mixed or poor record in addressing situations concerning individual countries should make a commitment to fully carry out the council’s mandate and to base their positions on an assessment of the violations committed, Human Rights Watch said. Countries that have a strong voting record should assume greater leadership roles in mobilizing action on situations that the council has not addressed.

“The Council’s most worrying trend is the small number of countries that are willing to show leadership in putting situations requiring council action on the table," Fisher said. “More governments need to step up and play a role in helping the council fulfill its mandate to provide real relief to those facing human rights violations in numerous countries across the globe.”

The Votes Count website, which is regularly updated, was created on the Silk platform.

For more information, please visit:

To browse the analysis of the 47 countries that were members of the council in 2014, please see below.

For more Human Rights Watch reporting on the Human Rights Council, please visit:

For more information, please contact: 
In Geneva, John Fisher (English, French): +41-79-508-39-68 (mobile); or
In Geneva, Philippe Dam (French, English): +41-76-413-35-36 (mobile); or Twitter: @Philippe_Dam
In New York, Peggy Hicks (English): +1-646-509-1818 (mobile); or, Twitter: @HicksPeggy

To browse the analysis of the 47 countries that were members of the council in 2014:

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Farsi speaking people around the world are celebrating their new year tomorrow , the first day of spring mark the Nowruz - Happy Nowruz and Happy New Year advance . Navruz 2014 au Trocadéro, partie Tadjikistan

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Soccer game in Iran Ended with Violence and Arrest !

Report by : Karim Dahimi a human rights activist

An Asian  soccer league game between Iranian team ( Fould- from the city of Ahwaz) and a Saudi team ( Al-Helal )  in Iran ended with violence and clash between anti riot forces of the Islamic Republic and the soccer fans in the city of Ahwaz .
As a result of this violence two police car caught fire and many young Ahwazi soccer fan with their traditional custom dress were arrested . This violence came after a young Ahwazi man ( Younes Asakareh )burned himself in front of the stadium.

Link to watch the video:

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Reply by the Islamic Republic of Iran to Dr. Shaheed’s March 2015 Report

 16/03/2015 Latest Reports, Replies from Iran
The Islamic Republic of Iran replied to the Special Rapporteur’s March 2015 report on the situation of human rights in Iran.


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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mehdi Khodaei An Iranian Human Rights Advocate is Still Prison !

More than 268 Iranian human rights activist in a letter to judiciary power demanded for the release of Mehdi Khodaei who have just ended his fifth year in prison . Mr. Khodaei was arrested like thousands of Iranian after the presidential election cheating in 2009 .


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Friday, March 13, 2015

NEW: March 2015 report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran

12/03/2015 Latest Reports

The report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ahmed Shaheed. Submitted in accordance with Human Rights Council resolution 25/24  to the 28th session of the UN Human Rights Council  in March 2015.

Link for the report :

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On March 12th, World Day against cyber-censorship, Reporters Without Borders is launching the "Collateral Freedom" operation, one of the largest counterattacks ever undertaken against censorship online, and is unblocking 9 websites in 11 countries.

Reporters Without Borders is using the technique known as “mirroring” to duplicate the censored sites and place the copies on the servers of Internet giants such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google. In these 11 countries that are “Enemies of the Internet,” blocking the servers of these Internet giants in order to make the mirror sites inaccessible would deprive thousands of companies of essential services. The economic and political cost would be too high. Our nine sites are therefore protected against censorship.

Discover all about the mirror sites created by Reporters Without Borders and the techniques to circumvent internet censorship.

Internet belongs to everyone.
Free the information!

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