Saturday, October 25, 2014

Today the Islamic Judiciary in Rejaei Shahr Prison Hanged Rehaneh Jabari The Young Iranian Actor !


The whole Conscientious Iranian Are in Shock today  !
How could this happen ? While the whole world from UN to High ranking politicians and world human rights communities petitioned in support of Reyhaneh .
How could Islamic judiciary neglect all these protest and go ahead to hang this young woman ,who did nothing but according to her defense to protect herself from sexual assault happening by a member of the regime security intelligence forces.
Rehaneh Jabari the young Iranian actor was just 19 when she was lured by Morteza Sarbandi a member of the Ministry of Information to a house and was about to sexually assaulted when she used a knife to defend herself which ended him dead and then she called the police and ambulance .

Reyhaneh Jabbari's mom said:
"Me, her dad , her two sisters , her grand ma and dad went to the prosecutors office in Shahre Ray -Varamin prison and the prosecutor told  us about the situation ( that , the victims family aren't agreeing to forgive her and she is going to be executed by hanging according to " Ghesas " the Islamic law ) and we asked him where they are taking her , he didn't say where ??!!. Reyhaneh had fever at the time. "

Before  her execution ,she had written a very painful and sad testament /will .

This morning Reyhaneh was Executed by hanging in Rejaei Shahr prison in the city of Karaj.
This case brought many attention in Iran and the whole world . Now we have to see what the people of Iran will do about this unfair justice system ,because they themselves also deal with the same justice system .

My heart is broken this morning ....

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Iranian People are Tired of Islamic Regime's fundamentalists ppouring acid on women , their Lies, Corruption, Unemployment and Thirty Five Years reign of Terror and destruction of our country Iran !

Iranian People are getting fed up with the Islamic regime in Iran and protest against their policies and regime are once again on its way.....
This picture shows Iranian people in Isfahan protesting against Acid pouring on women by fundamentalist Islamist forces .....regime had always used this forces to bring fear among people ....

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Eighteen Nobel Laureates Call for Immediate Release of Iranian Physicist

Iranian physicist, Omid Kokabee is serving a ten-year
sentence for refusing to collaborate on a military project.
Omid Kokabee’s Health in Great Danger, Requires Immediate Medical Treatment
(September 29, 2014) The Iranian Judiciary should immediately release the Iranian physicist and prisoner of conscience, Omid Kokabee, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran said today.
Kokabee has multiple serious health problems and requires immediate medical attention. The Campaign has learned that Kokabee’s health is in great danger as he is suffering from heart, kidney, stomach, and dental illnesses.
On September 26, 2014, in an open letter to Iran’s Leader, Ali Khamenei, eighteen physics Nobel laureates called for the “immediate and unconditional” release of Kokabee. The letter was published in the leading scientific journal Nature.
“Omid Kokabee is an individual who has stood by his moral principles and we urge you to exhibit compassion and allow him to return to his studies in order to fulfill his promising potential,” the Nobel laureates wrote in their letter.
Kokabee, an Iranian physicist completing his PhD at the University of Texas, Austin, is serving a ten-year sentence since his arrest in Tehran in January 2011. During his prosecution, the prosecutors charged him with “communicating with a hostile government,” and receiving “illegitimate funds” without any substantiating evidence.
In their letter, the Nobel laureates referred to charges against Kokabee as “spurious charges related to [Kokabee’s] legitimate scholarly ties with academic institutions outside of Iran.” In an open letterfrom Evin prison, in April 2013, Kokabee wrote his imprisonment is the result of his refusal to heed pressure by Iranian intelligence agents to collaborate on a military research project.
“Continuing Kokabee’s imprisonment cannot be justified on any grounds,” said Hadi Ghaemi, the Campaign’s Executive Director. “This is blatantly punitive behavior which the authorities in Iran must be called on.”
According to an informed source, Kokabee’s health is suffering on multiple fronts. He is suffering from heart palpitations, shortness of breath, and chest pains on the left side of his chest. These symptoms require immediate examination by a cardiologist.
Kokabee also has a history of kidney problems. He has passed kidney stones five times while in prison and is in severe pain, a condition that also requires immediate treatment. In addition, Kokabee has been suffering from stomach problems in prison and has been taking medication provided by the prison clinic, which has not been effective. As there is a history of stomach cancer in his family, which has led to the deaths of two immediate family members, he requires an immediate biopsy to ensure he is not suffering from stomach cancer. Kokabee also needs urgent dental treatment as he has already lost four teeth in prison and is in danger of losing another four if not treated soon.
The international scientific community has been campaigning for Kokabee’s release. In 2013, the American Physical Society (APS), a major organization representing some 50,000 physicists worldwide, awarded him its prestigious Sakharov prize. The recent letter by the eighteen physics Nobel laureates is part of a widespread campaign by the Committee of Concerned Scientists, the Committee on the International Freedom of Scientists of the APS, and Amnesty International.
The letter is endorsed by the following eighteen Nobel laureates in physics: Alexei Abrikosov (2003), Nicolaas Bloembergen (1981), Claude Cohen-Tannoudji (1997), Leon Cooper (1972), Andre Geim, (2010), Sheldon Glashow (1979), John Hall (2005), Anthony Hewish (1974), Wolfgang Ketterle (2001), Klaus von Klitzing (1985), Toshihide Maskawa (2008), John Mather (2006), Konstantin Novoselov (2010), Arno Penzias (1978), David Politzer (2004), Jack Steinberger (1988), Daniel Tsui(1998), and James Cronin(1980).
Earlier this year, 126 Iranian scientists studying and teaching abroad wrote a letter to President Rouhani calling for Kokabee’s release. They ended their letter by asking Rouhani, “What message will the continued long imprisonment of an Iranian student studying abroad [Kokabee] send to the other Iranian scientists who are engaged in scientific work abroad?”

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Islamic Regime in Iran Continues its Inhuman Policies Toward Human Rights Lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh !

On October 18 , a three member panel of  disciplinary Lawyers court  ,a Government appointed lawyers banned Ms. Sotoudeh from practicing her law license for three years based on a complaint by prosecutor's office in Evin prison.

Also at the end of August the security forces of the Islamic regime searched the office and home of Ms. Sotoudeh and confiscated her personal belonging.

All of these are happening while the president Hasan Rohani who is a lawyer and during the election had promised and took oath to protect the rights of Iranian citizen , do nothing to stop these security forces of arbitrarily arresting , interrogating , bothering and intimidating Ms. Sotoudeh and many other Iranian people .

Because of this  Ms. Sotoudeh together with few of her supporter staged a protest at Iranian Bar Association building in Tehran .


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Nikbakht Street in the city of Isfahan -in front of Ministry of justice , people protest against Acid throwing on Iranian women. ...Securtiy forces -together with anti-riot forces -- beat people and arrested several of them.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

One official in Isfahan speaks and people demand action for justice ,but what people hear is same old promises to follow up the cases and people chant " Lies ..lies " and .....

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The Phenomena of Acid Throwing on Iranian Women in the City Streets Of Isfahan and Iran in general...........

Keyhan newspaper ,a fundamentalist voice , wrote nothing about this issue on its front page. Keyhan Newspaper is run by Hosein Shariatmadari an ISIS style Islamic thinker in Iran!


Raja news the website of " Jebhe Paydari " another fundamentalist voice only wrote about Mohseni Ejei's press conference on this issue.

Yousof Tabatabaeinejad The Friday prayer imam of Isfahan who was one of the instigator of these kinds of barbaric acts , now is saying he did not tell his followers to throw acid on women who does not follow the hejab .

Mohseni Ejei spokesperson for judiciary said, the criminal acid throwing act did not happen because of breaking the hejab code . because these women had hejab and we can't approve the reports by some websites about this issue ..
His response in fact is a threat against those website who have reported about the acid throwing.

Recently in the city of Isfahan 10 women fell victims of Acid throwing on them , as result of this inhuman act One woman died and one other lost her eye and the rest lost their facial appearances.

Yesterday people of Isfahan and Tehran gathered in front of prosecutors office and parliament to protest against these barbaric act by fundamentalists .

People of Isfahan in a communique to all Iranian asked them to join the protest .

 The following pictures shows the people of Isfahan and Tehran protest against this issue:

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America’s Saudi Ally “Cuts Off More Heads” than the Islamic State (ISIS)

Newsweek has an article out called “When It Comes to Beheadings, ISIS has Nothing on Saudi Arabia”.
The article accurately illustrates that Saudi Arabia is essentially an established version of ISIS; in fact it was established the same way, which is also how Britain established its colonies like the USA, how US/Israel was, and is being, established, how the Afghan Taliban was established in a joint venture with the USA that lasted until 2001, and so on.
Newsweek details how the Saudis behead more people than ISIS (not to mention Saudis are big supporters of ISIS, and, according to leaked 2009 US documents, are the world’s overall biggest supporters of Sunni terror groups such as the formerly US-backed Taliban.)
The Saudi theocracy doesn’t just behead people or crucify people.  They slice your head off in public then crucify you.
…if you were accused of banditry or drug smuggling, like seven Yemenis who were beheaded last year, your corpse will also be crucified.
There are different methods of crucifying the headless … while the headless corpse is mounted, your head is placed in a plastic bag… Your head is then raised above your body and appears to be floating and detached. Your corpse might be kept in that position for up to four days, as a grotesque warning to others of what might happen if they stray outside the law.
The article documents how this is done to people accused of being “sorcerers”, adulterers, people who plead not guilty to crimes (and, the article suggests, are likely innocent), and political dissidents (though Israel has the most political prisoners in the region, and it should also be noted that the USA puts people in cages for the rest of their lives for pretty crimes like shoplifting, while almost no one else does this.)
Noam Chomsky pointed out in a talk this month that Saudi Arabia is the single most radical Islamic state, and makes Iran look moderate by comparison (even though Iran also executes people; the top three countries for executing their own people are always Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the USA.  China’s numbers are likely higher, but unknown.)  And Saudi Arabia, exactly unlikeIran, has been pursuing, and has in fact obtained access to, nuclear weapons, via a deal with nuclear Pakistan, another Islamic fundamentalist US ally and distant runner up to Obama’s USA for greatest threat to world peace at the start of 2014.
Newsweek likewise points out that Iran has “a far more democratic political process than Saudi Arabia.”  Iran, like the USA, China, and others, has a kind of fake democracy wherein candidates must be supported by religious authorities; in China, it is state authorities, and in the US, financial authorities, or oligarchs.
Newsweek then documents how the USA demonizes and criticizes not Saudi Arabia, but rather the more moderate and “democratic” country, Iran.  When US politicians visit Saudi Arabia, as Kerry, Obama, Hillary Clinton, and others regularly do, they “do not publicly condemn the country”; human rights violations are “not mentioned”.
Indeed, though the USA cages more women than any other country in the world, Saudi Arabia is the only country where women are not allowed to operate cars.
Newsweek then points out that this behavior – criticizing a relatively moderate country but not a far more extremist ally – reveals a blatant double-standard by the US.
However, Newsweek then asks “why” the USA has this double-standard, and doesn’t explore the question beyond offering a couple of incidental hints throughout the article.
Perhaps the Newsweek author doesn’t know, thinks the answer is unknowable, or has some other motive for not exploring the topic further, but it should be pursued and the article presents a good opportunity.
Again, the question is, why does the otherwise wonderful USA have this confusing and seemingly nonsensical “double standard”, wherein it criticizes countries (like Iran) that are moderate compared to US ally Saudi Arabia (not to mention scores of others)?
US Relationship with Saudi Arabia
“…starting in the 1930s, the Americans would come to displace the British as the chief ally of the Saudis, especially after the American-aided discovery of vast reserves of oil in Saudi lands. [Murray] Rothbard spelled out the military and crony connections involved:
The Rockefeller interest and other Western Big Oil companies have had intimate ties with the absolute royalties of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia ever since the 1930s. During that decade and World War II, King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia granted a monopoly concession on all oil under his domain to the Rockefeller-control-led Aramco, while the $30 million in royalty payments for the concession was paid by the U.S. taxpayer.
The Rockefeller-influenced U.S. Export-Import Bank obligingly paid another $25 million to Ibn Saud to construct a pleasure railroad from his main palace, and President Roosevelt made a secret appropriation out of war funds of $165 million to Aramco for pipeline construction across Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, the U.S. Army was obligingly assigned to build an airfield and military base at Dhahran, near the Aramco Oilfields, after which the multi-million dollar base was turned over, gratis, to Ibn Saud.”
As the world’s overall most extreme and dangerous terrorist group, there is no reason the driving forces of the USA would want to criticize Saudi Arabia as long as it is acceptably cooperative.  Sure, some individuals within the USA (though not role models like Obama, Hillary) see reason to strongly criticize the Saudi practices; so do individuals in Saudi Arabia.  But the dominant barbarism of the USA prevails, and thus Saudi Arabia not only gets more US weapons in one 2013 shipment from Obama than any other country ever, but remains backed by Obama when it invades places like Bahrain to back up dictators who are carrying out repression by “systematically torturing children”, as documented by Amnesty.  The USA not only participates in what Saudi Arabia does to its own people, but goes far beyond that and slaughters millions of people thousands of miles from US shores.

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During Election Campaign Hasan Rohani promised to protect the dignity of Iranian People and their Rights ......But what we see from him is nothing but silence ......and at the end No justice for the women fell victims in the hands of fundamentalist elements ( ISIS style ) inside Islamic regime in Iran .....

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People in the City of Isfahan and Tehran protested against " Acid Throwing on Women ".......

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Narges Musavi ( Mir Hosein Musavi's daughter ) : Ayatollah Ahmad Janati and his wife were Beating and torturing their grand Son with Hose and Hot BBQ Skewer !

Meet Iranian ISIS leaders who support those people throwing Acid on Iranian people  ......

MP Ali Motahari recently asked Ayatollah Ahmad Janati the head of Guardian Council to agree for a fair trial for Musavi -Karoubi and Rahnavard the three green movement leaders and to let them to defend themselves if there are charges against them .  Mr. Motahari the Tehran MP support this notion that, the green movement leaders must have the opportunity to defend themselves.
Ayatollah Janati the head of Guardian Council last Friday in a TV programe ( Shenasnameh) called for the execution of the green movement leaders , he repeatedly in the past also  called the green movement leaders as the "sedition " leaders and spoke for their execution .
After this program  Ms. Narges Musavi the daughter of Mr. Musavi said, Ayatollah Janati's  cruelty and his desire to beating and killing was proven to us when we were next door neighbor with them, we witnessed this old man and his wife beating and torturing their grand son ( This boys father and mother were Mojahed who were killed during clashes with regime forces) with hot BBQ skewer and hose . Up to now  my ear is still full of the screams of the captive  grand son in the hand of grand father . At the time i was a child myself and was terrified from the screams of that captive grand son from the beating and torturing him by hose and hot BBQ skewer.


IRAN WATCH CANADA: Ayatollah Ahmad Janati is leading the Iranian ISIS ,who like ISIS terrorist threw acid on Iranian women.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Women in the City of Isfahan are Targeted by Fundamentalist Islamists with Acid !

Government must Arrest the Acid Attackers , Investigate and find the motives and those behind these attacks and finally bring justice for victims of acid attack !

People of Isfahan are going to gather in front of judiciary building in Isfahan on this coming Wednesday to protest against Acid attacks .

Women in the city of Isfahan fear for acid to be thrown on them by fundamentalist groups. So far, 8 women have been the victims of acid throwing . Because of this , the women in the city of Isfahan locked themselves in their homes . According to news, assailants ride on motorcycles and pour the acid on women in the streets who they believe are " not following the hijab code " .

One woman in Isfahan says, because of the fear from acid attack ,she bring up her car glass windows, another woman  says ,she fear for every motorcycle passes on close distance from her . One other woman said, she received text threatening her if you don't follow the hijab code ,you will be targeted by acid............
A woman by the name of Maryam D. said: She was about to buy ornaments for her son's birthday party when close to two liter of acid was poured on her face and body from the passenger window. As a result her face, body ,hand and feet were burned and  one of her cornea was damaged . She said ,she has no enemy and she also criticized the hospital lack of attention on her situation.

This is not the first time we read these kinds of news ,in the past these kinds of acts had happened and the lives of Mothers , girls and women  of Iran were destroyed by these acid attackers and these assailant  are no one but members of  fundamentalists group like Ansar Hizbullah , Jebheh Paydari or followers of Ayatollahs with fundamentalist or radical ideas such as Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi , Ayatollah Ahmad Janati, Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami , Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi and so on.....

Therefore ,the government must first of all target members of these groups like Ansar Hizbullah and Jebheh Paydari and secondly they must call these Ayatollahs and few members of the Parliament to shut up by not instigating the violence against Iranian women and thirdly to punish these assailants and bring the justice  .


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Saturday, October 18, 2014

With the Help of Film makers and Actors in Iran the Execution of Reyhaneh Jabari pushed back for another 10 Days !

In the news /....

Time is running .....the family of Reyhaneh Jabari including her mom know this very well .
The Iranian Film makers and Actors and human rights community as well as the No to Execution group in Iran were able to push back the execution of Reyhaneh Jabari to another 10 days.  Reyhaneh Jabari is the young Iranian woman who is accused of killing a person who was intending to sexually assault her and she is sentenced to death by " Gesas " the Islamic Sharia law.

Up to now three members of the victims family including the victims mom is willing to forgive her, of course with the negotiation of film makers and victims family. The Film makers have another 10 days to work on other members of the family to convince them to forgive this young woman. Why film makers are so much active on this case ,its because Reyhane's mom is an actor and film maker and Reyhaneh herself is a film actress.

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Radical & fundamentalist Islamits throw Acid on Iranian women in the Streets and the Government do nothing.......

ISNA news agency-

According to news four women were attacked by acid throwing on their face and bodies in day light in the city of Isfahan,they were burned and transferred to the hospitals.

Comments by Ms. Shahindokht Molavardi ,President's deputy on Iranian women & family status, on the issue of the Acid throwing phenomena on Iranian women in the city Streets :
"Sarcastic remarks and Acid throwing and so on is violence against women in the communities and societies and .Women must be free from violence and safe in their private and public life and not to fall as victims of violence......"

Those may look beautiful words but action speaks louder than words.
Everyone knows what is the status of women during the entire 35 years of the Islamic regime . The status of women in Iran became one of the worse status in the world. The long story short ,women in Iran lost their basic human rights when the Islamic regime took control of Iran.

Instead of blaming the radical Ayatollah's Like Seyed Ahmad Khatami , Ahmad Janati, Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi and...for their speech on the podiums against Iranian women and instigating the violence or blaming the Radical Islamist groups like Ansare Hizbullah who are free whatever they wanted to do against women but Madame deputy cleverly blaming all Iranian public by adding sarcastic remarks together with Acid throwing phenomena. The truth the matter is , a bunch of Ayatollah instigate the violence against the women who do not have proper hejab -dress code and their followers like Ansar and Jebhe Paydari members or Basiji's go into the streets and do terrible things like throwing acid on women who they believe have no proper hejab.

So, madame deputy must go after them if she wants to see these kinds of violence against the women to end. Thats it and brings those criminals into justice / i mean through proper judiciary channels not these current judiciary which act itself against women and is biased .


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