Friday, February 27, 2015

Iranian Teachers Planned A Nation Wide Protest on This Coming March 01,2015 - On Stopping the Spread of the News About This Protest ,Regime Decided to Filter all the related Websites .......

According to news , Iran teachers union asked all the teachers from all over Iran to go on protest on this coming March first. Because of this , regime decided to filter ( not making it available )  all the related website they suspect will be reporting or monitoring the protest.

 Iran teachers union released a statement about this coming protest  on  " The Teachers & Workers  Rights " website. The statement says: The teachers in Tehran will protest in front of the parliament and asked teachers from all over Iran to protest in front of their related Government buildings in their city's .

This protest is going to be a " Silence Protest " .
And the protest is about the difficulties workers face with the Ministry of Education.


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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Younesi : The Human Rights Violation in Iran is Because of the Radical Elements are on high position ????!!!!!

Clergy Ali Younesi the Advisor on ethnic and faith based minorities to president Rohani ,  and a former Minister of Information in previous government, on speaking with IRNA reporter on Wednesday said :
"The radical elements on high position are making problems for the Government , therefore we must get rid of these radical elements from those top positions. He also added that , the radical groups are not under any organizations . 
On the diplomatic problems with Canada  he added :
In relation with the incidents of Zahra Kazemi ,we have all the documents which shows who were behind that incident , and of course , the justice of God were executed on some of those who were behind the case , and that incident was  the personal will , which we still have  to pay the price for it .  


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What Faezeh Hashemi Rafsanjani said in her interview with Le Figaro About Individual Freedom and Media Freedom During Rohani's Presidency !

Le Figaro: Did the individual freedom and media freedom which was less during Ahmadinejad presidency became better now ?

In this regards the situation became worse when Rohani was elected . The state released some of the political prisoners and journalist after the election of Rohani as president. But right now we are witnessing that the newspapers are banned and the journalists and the political prisoners are being sent behind the bars. The state demanded that the media should not say anything or write anything about Mohammad Khatami , which is an illegal act, and this is while he did not say anything about the regime change , this short coming on freedom is because of the opposition of the Majlis ( Parliament ) . When in the city of Isfahan few elements pour acid on the women faces and no one were arrested , is not a good sign, but one must not come to conclusion that, despite of all these disappointments, the fall of the regime is close , undoubtedly we face with enormous difficulties, but no one is for a new revolution, even after 2009 events ,the people  are just for changes.


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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Clashes Between 3000 Followers of the Imprisoned Mohammad Ali Taheri with Plain cloths security forces of the Islamic Regime in Iran.

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The Peaceful Rally of 3000 Students of the Imprisoned Mohammad Ali Taheri Ended up with More Arrests.....

Based on a report by " Peace Campaign Activists in Exile", 3000 followers of the Imprisoned Mohammad Ali Taheri ( the founder of the " Erfane Keyhani "  - The Circle) on Wednesday morning staged a peaceful protest against the trial of their leader in front of the court of revolution at Shariati-Moalem intersection in Tehran , which ended up with 70 followers being arrested by plain cloths security forces of the Islamic regime in Iran. Regime anti riot forces used teargas in this peaceful protest and clashed with protesters to disperse the protesters.
Mohammad Ali Taheri the founder of "Erfane Keyhani - the Circle  " was arrested more than three years ago and was kept in Cell No.  2- Alef in Evin prison and he faces continues torture by Sepah Intelligence . Earlier he was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment and and 74 lashes plus 900 million Tuman fine for his charges which was" corrupt on Earth  " / developing ideas against the main stream religious beliefs.
Mr. Taheri's lawyer is Alizadeh Tabatabaei . Based on a report the trial is adjourned to future date .
And some of those arrested were later released.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Iran: UN experts urge Iran to halt immediately execution of a juvenile offender, scheduled for tomorrow

GENEVA (18 February 2015) – The United Nations Special Rapporteurs on the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ahmed Shaheed, and on extrajudicial executions, Christof Heyns, today urged the Islamic Republic of Iran to halt immediately the execution of Saman Naseem, a juvenile offender, reported to be scheduled for tomorrow.

Mr. Naseem was convicted of Moharebeh (‘enmity against God’) and Ifsad fil Arz  (‘corruption on earth’) for his alleged involvement in armed activities on behalf of the Party of Free Life of Kurdistan (PJAK). Mr. Naseem, 17 at the time of his arrest in 2011, was allegedly subjected to torture and made to confess to a crime before he was sentenced to death in April 2013. The Supreme Court reportedly upheld the sentence in December 2013.

“Regardless of the circumstances and nature of the crime, the execution of juvenile offenders is clearly prohibited by international human rights law,” the independent experts stressed. The experts also recalled repeated assertions by the Iranian authorities that confessions obtain under torture were inadmissible under Iranian law.
The experts requested the Iranian authorities to halt the execution of Mr Naseem in strict compliance with its international human rights obligations, under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, to which the country is a party.

The experts expressed serious concerns over the increasing number of executions, including of women and political prisoners and renewed their call on the Government to immediately stop them. Over 700 persons, including 14 women and at least 13 juveniles are believed to have been executed last year. At least 60 persons, including four women have reportedly been executed in January 2015 alone, with a considerably large number of people including juveniles currently at risk of execution.

Appalled by the surge in executions, the Special Rapporteurs urged the Government to immediately establish a moratorium on the execution with a view to abolishing the death penalty all together. “The imposition of the death penalty in Iran contrasts the current international trend of abolishing the death penalty in law and in practice,” they noted.

Ahmed Shaheed  (the Maldives) is a Visiting Professor at Essex University, UK; a former member of the Maldivian presidential Commission Investigating Corruption; and a foreign policy advisor to the President of the Maldives. Mr. Shaheed was Foreign Minister of the Maldives from 2005 to 2007 and from 2008 to 2010. He led the country’s efforts to sign and ratify all nine international human rights Conventions and to implement them in law and practice. He was appointed as the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran in June 2011 by the UN Human Rights Council. Learn more, visit:  

The Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, Christof Heyns  (South Africa), is a director of the Institute for International and Comparative Law in Africa and Professor of Human Rights Law at the University of Pretoria, where he has also directed the Centre for Human Rights, and has engaged in wide-reaching initiatives on human rights in Africa. He has advised a number of international, regional and national entities on human rights issues. Learn more, log on to:

The Special Rapporteurs are part of what is known as the Special Procedures of the Human Rights Council. Special Procedures, the largest body of independent experts in the UN Human Rights system, is the general name of the Council’s independent fact-finding and monitoring mechanisms that address either specific country situations or thematic issues in all parts of the world. Special Procedures’ experts work on a voluntary basis; they are not UN staff and do not receive a salary for their work. They are independent from any government or organization and serve in their individual capacity.

Check the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights:
And the Convention on the Rights of the Child:  

UN Human Rights, Country Page – Iran:    

For more information and media requests  please contact Naveed Ahmed (+41 22 928 9477 / ) or write to  

For media inquiries  related to other UN independent experts:
Xabier Celaya, UN Human Rights – Media Unit (+ 41 22 917 9383 /  

UN Human Rights, follow us on social media:
Facebook:   Twitter: 

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The American journalist Austin Tice disappeared in Syria in August 2012. He is alive and not held by ISIS, according to diverse credible sources.

You can take part in the #FreeAustinTice campaign by signing the petition addressed to President Obama and by taking The Blindfold pledge, a symbol of Austin's unanswered kidnapping.

Take a photo of yourself blindfolded and share the call to action on your social media accounts.

Facebook/Instagram: "I take the Blindfold Pledge to raise awareness of the 2012 kidnapping of the American journalist Austin Tice. This is a plea to the US government to seek out answers and bring Austin home. I call on _____ to also take the pledge. #FreeAustinTice".

Twitter: "I wear the blindfold to #FreeAustinTice. I call on ____ to take the pledge".

Twitter : "The American journalist Austin Tice disappeared in Syria in 2012. Help us to bring him safely home. Sign the petition #FreeAustinTice".

When journalists are silenced, we are all deprived of information, we are all blindfolded.

Thank you for your help,

Delphine Halgand
US Director
Reporters Without Borders

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Dispatches: A Possible Execution and the Agony of Not Knowing

Dispatches: A Possible Execution and the Agony of Not Knowing
By Faraz Sanei

Prison authorities were scheduled to execute Saman Nasim early yesterday. Nasim, a 22-year-old from Iran’s Kurdistan province, was arrested when he was 17 for terrorism-related charges.

A day later, there is still no official confirmation of the execution. One of his brothers reportedly believes the execution has been carried out, and his other brother told Human Rights Watch the authorities only instructed the family to come pick up Saman’s belongings. In an interview with Voice of America’s Persian-language service, a third family member said authorities told her they transferred Saman to another prison on Wednesday. She added that she did not know if he was still alive. All this, of course, obscures the fact that Iran is a state party to international treaties that ban the execution of child offenders.

This guessing game is the sort of torture that Iran regularly inflicts, not only on those languishing on death row, but on their family and friends. It is both the result of the judiciary’s lack of transparency regarding executions of high-profile detainees, and their practice of pressuring families to not speak to the media. The psychological anguish on families is unimaginable.

It is possible, as we’ve learned from other cases, that officials have informed the family, even delivered the body for burial, but have threatened them to keep quiet or pressured them not to hold a funeral. But it is also likely that the family, like the rest of us, remains in the dark. We have documented cases in which judicial officials refused to inform family members about the status of their loved ones for months, never delivered the body, or secretly buried an executed prisoner.

Anything is possible, and little is predictable, when it comes to the brand of “justice” meted out by Iran’s revolutionary courts. Except, it seems, their utter disregard for the rights and dignity of defendants and their families, living or dead.

It’s hard to ignore the fact that authorities have a lot to gain from this lack of transparency, and the swirling rumors, some of which they may help spread. They must know that responsible journalists and rights groups will do their very best not to spread unsubstantiated rumors. Their credibility is at stake. So officials can afford to sit back and wait for the rumor mill on social media to feed off itself, the news swell and advocacy campaigns around this young man to die down, and the world to move on to the next tragedy. Somewhere else in the world.

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Despite of International Out Cry To Stop the Execution of Saman Nasim ,But Islamic Regime in Iran Executed this Political Prisoner!

According to a report made by Kamal Hoseini an independent journalist with Radio Farda , in a telephone conversation he made to Saman Nasim's brother , the brother was said , they were told to go on Saturday ( Tomorrow ) to pick up the body of his brother and his personal belonging.

Saman Nasim was a political prisoner and a member of Pejak ( An armed Kurdish group) .

There are news that two other political prisoners also been executed together with Saman in Orumieh prison.

According to International organization ,at the time of trial Saman Nasim was only 17 years of age.

In addition the Islamic Regime in Iran has executed two other political prisoners , Habib Afshari and Ali Afshari two brother members of Kumeleh Kurdistan political party. The report by International Campaign against Execution has confirmed this . According to Campaign the ministry of Information called Afshari's family and told them about the execution on early Thursday morning.

Security forces in Iran threatened both family members not to speak to anyone .


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Thursday, February 19, 2015

In an Attack By Security Forces on Bahai Citizens in the City of Tehran & Isfahan 14 Bahai Are Arrested !

According to a report on last Tuesday evening at least 14 Bahai citizen ,seven women and seven men in the city of Tehran and Isfahan are arrested by security forces of the Islamic Republic regime and there are no news on their whereabouts .
These Bahai's are :
In Isfahan-
Shiva Aghsani,
Peyman Atefi
Negar Sobhanian
Kousha Rahimi
Nika Rajabi

In Tehran-
Mona Aqdasi
Shayan Kowsar
Kavian Dehghan
Aref Dehghan
Houshang Dehghan
Mona Mehrabi
Elham Karampisheh
Safa Forghani
Mehrdad Forghani

Link to this news:

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

" Nohe Day " Paper is banned from publication !

According to news the " Nohe Day " paper went under investigation by media watch dogs and according to them , the " Nohe Day " paper violated the media by law . The publication was charged for " insulting the Khomeini " and violating the "nuclear issues" policies  .
The publication in one instance wrote : " Every steps of Zarif ( Meaning Mr. Zarif the foreign minister negotiation about nuclear issues with 5+1 ) destroys 100 Kilo Grams of saved Uranium ".
In another instance It wrote that: Mr. Ali Akbar Velayati ( The former foreign minister) for  continuing the policy of Rafsanjani , forced Imam/ imposed his policy on Imam  ( Khomeini ) to agree with peace and accept the resolution 598 ( to end Iran - Iraq war ).
The publication is also charged with blackmailing Mr. zanganeh the oil minister of Rohani Government for corruption.

Based on the past violations of the paper and the current one, the case file of  the paper is sent to the court for judiciary procedure.


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This Iranian-Kurdish Young Man Is going to be executed tomorrow !

According to reports , the prison officials have told Saman Nasim that he is going to be executed by tomorrow  Feb. 19,2015.
Saman Nasim's story has appeared in the past in IRAN WATCH CANADA and human rights organizations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch also wrote story about him . You can see all these stories in the past posted reports in IRAN WATCH CANADA .

Don't Let Islamic Republic regime in Iran to hang this young man by tomorrow !

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